Ian Somerhalder and Maggie Grace - PaleyFest 2014 Honoring ‘Lost: 10th Anniversary Reunion’ (Mar 16, 2014)
Ian Somerhalder & Maggie Grace at PaleyFest 2014 Honoring ‘Lost: 10th Anniversary Reunion’ Panel (Mar 16, 2014)


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the thing is, with the character of liam; absolutely no one thinks what he's doing is right. one of his best friends, the character ivy called him out on his bullshit to wich they hadn't given him a valid change to respond before the camera spirals into a different scene with lauren. according to carter and the cast, liam is initially attracted to karma because she's a spunky girl who seems unavailable and while yes, thats fucked up. he's going to wind up developing a genuine connection with her

cont. so his character does have potential. from liam’s character description, he is a commitment-phobe and from karma’s description of liam’s artwork, which was indeed foreshadowing his character - he’s going through a lot (pony, barbed wire, cage, etc) i’m not saying he’s right for his actions - but i’m saying we should go through the series and explore the character development before we start getting out our pitchforks. it just irks me because even if karmy was real, he’d be hurting army.

Yes I see what you’re saying, and I don’t want to judge his entire character from one episode only, and I really don’t want to dislike him at all because I love the dude playing him (go watch white frog and try not to). But yeah still what he did and is clearly planning on continuing doing is just so wrong. Not just because he believes she’s gay when he goes after her, which is bad enough with him talking like he can “turn” her, but also because he believes she’s in a serious relationship. It’s a really douchy things to do even if he was trying to get between a straight couple. So what I hope happens is that he finds out she’s straight and not actually with Amy before their relationship goes any further, but judging by the trailer and the whole threesome thing that’s not gonna happen.

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I hate Liam on Faking It too, like with a passion, amongst other things but I mean REPRESENTATION of our kind on tv, sister! :O and not as some C plot (looking at you glee) or as some kind of not-so-funny running gag either (again looking at glee)

Yeah I know! Representation matters so much, which is why I have SUCH high hopes for Amy, and which is why I don’t want Liam and his weird, questionable actions and storyline to ruin it

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Really, the most insulting thing about Faking It, a show where two straight? bffs pretend to be lesbians for popularity, is the character of Liam.

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